ready, set, go

jello by paroki on Flickr.
It is always better for a dish to be on fire when it is brought to the table in my opinion. 

A love of gradients
 fruute bakery.
chive and garlic scape
by Erawn Frotin 
Balanced Snack
Can this be rethought of as a way of doing butter service?

Sophie Bueno–Boutellier

A quick blog about a blog.
Correction, a quick blog about a short-lived gamechanger.
Michael Laiskonis: Notes From the Kitchen. Le Bernardin’s elite pastry chef apparently holds the same power with words as he does over the world of pastry. You’ll will be quick to agree after checking out, reading from start to finish, and sitting in awe for several minutes in between posts trying to compute the magic Laiskonis just floored you with.
They’re are plenty of pretty pictures for the quick skimmer but what makes Notes From the Kitchen so special is the direct line it creates into the mind and heart of one of the food industry’s most incredible chefs. The posts merely touch on the technical issues of the kitchen, but goes cranium deep into the emotion and passion behind food, managing, creating, and existing in general.
Having not been updated in a year I’m a little behind the times posting about it, luckily for us Notes From the Kitchen’s wisdom has yet to expire.